Company Profile
Main in between Cables since 2003
Wiring since 2006

Om Network Company is working in the professional segment, and engaged in manufacturing and supplying wide range of cables and commutation products, providing services for the installation and maintenance of technological and audiovisual systems, broadcasting and multimedia applications. Competences of Om Network are positioned on the application of cables, commutation and patching systems in point between ready content and eng ineering of its production - the most important and sensitive areas of system integration.

We provide cable assembles production, services for fault diagnosis and repair HDTV hybrid optical cable assemblies Lemo 3K.39C. series, as well as cable assemblies based on the Lemo connector series 4K, 5K with F2 optical contacts, tactical fiber optic cables with standard SM/MM connectors, ST, FC, SC or LC and cables with connectors Neutrik OpticalCon Duo/Quad, tactical cables Telecast Exp Beam HMA/HMC, which so frequently used in the broadcast and rental companies now.

Profession - is the main for us. Cables - this highway of thought, so we connect not only equipment, but also people’s vision. What distinguishes the thousands of other companies from us? The business idea! We are only one who works in format applied connectivity integration at domestic market.

Business history is beginning in 2003 with A/V professional cables sales. That time «First Cable Company» was founded and were launched sales with brands like Klotza.i.s., Telegartner, Amphenol, and also was begun production of premade copperbased audio - video cables.

In 2006 was born the idea of passive components and cable assembles application in installing and wiring as a perspective business model. Next step was founded «Om Network company» with focused profile to the installation studios/ broadcast /multimedia systems, professional A/V/HDTV/FO cables and connectors sales, termination FO and Hybrid modules and production of premade copper - based and FO cable assemblies.

In 2009 Om Network Company was started so depth works with the optical and hybrid cable assemblies, successfully passed certification by LEMO (Lemo Fiber Optic Training Course), and founded HDTV cable assemblies’ production. In the same year was started cooperation with international partners as result of which Om Network was obtained status official distributor of Furukawa Electric (FEIC) and Van Damme cables by VDC (Great Britain).

In 2010 Om Network take spart and completed done system installation of large broadcast - company project in central Asia – it was first international Om Network project with SONY Professional Solutions Europe.

2011 was the year of beginning cooperation with Neutrik. OmNetwork engineers completed OptiConfield assembly course in Liechtenstein.

2012 - 2016 OmNetwork increased professional experience in installations of complex system projects area. Was completed several fiber optics and networking training courses for engineers. The company has upgraded production and measurement equipment for cable assemblies and FO units.

Applied integration

We say: «You integrate the systems – and we are installing them». It is always custom handmade and manual assembly works. Om Network install team are breathing in soul into the system, and revive the system, in thus hands are born new studio complexes. Another important feature is during installation the team set the primary positive spirit of new projects because the first start always must be positive. OmNetwork Installing guys solve bugs and problems in the design and engineering documentation, and link one between integrators and system operating engineers.

Major Om network customers are system integrators, design and construction companies, private customers and involved freelancers.

The structure of business

For greater efficiency, we separate business in their flows in three channels. Our business is only a rigid coupling of all three directions, and here as nowhere else feel expressed synergies:

Om Network manages the operation, handles communications between projects, sales, purchasing, production and quality control. Support cooperation with manufacturers and logistics also it is area of OmNetwork responsibility.

Wiring Parts projectaims to development and production commutation solutions and elements for audiovisual and broadcast industry. All products powered by Om Network, and designed to meet three main criteria: quality, reliability, and availability at the Russian market. All units and components are designed by Russian engineers and allow the production cycle to be more flexible and the most adapted to the requirements of Russian customers. BIO (Broadcast Interconnect Optics) also is part of Wiring Parts project. It is aimed to development and manufacturing of fiber optical solutions, tactical and hybrid FO cable assemblies and termination units.

Cableconfigurator project is also powered by Om Network and aims to solve the problem of ready termination cables, cable reels assembles and patch cables. Usually preliminary termination solves the several problems: to 50% of the working time of installation group for unwinding, marking, grouping, and termination soldering or crimping. This kind of work really can and should be done in the laboratory production base. Assembles by «Cableconfigurator» are very strong support for successful broadcast, A/V and multimedia installations.

Here it is more information about Om Network performed works: Installation Gallery

At Customers page, you can see the list of counteragents, and the page where it is working will show products have been used in public projects. Some major projects have been participated listed below

  • European Media Group, list of cities
  • Hockey Continental Leaque, list of cities
  • Hockey Stadium «Uralets», Yekaterinburg
  • Turkmen Owazy TV channel, Ashgabat
  • Asian Olympic games in Kazakhstan, Almaty
  • «Honey» Club, Yaroslavl
  • Sinelab SoundMix, Moscow
  • The Bolshoi Theater Triax lines infrastructure, Moscow
  • Sony training center for Panorama HD, Moscow
  • City Concert Hall, Yaroslavl The Moscow
  • Conservatory FO lines, Moscow
  • OTR TV channel, Moscow
  • TV Company «White wind» in Chukotka
  • AnadyrSystem of time delay translations for EMG, Moscow
  • Congress - center Tsvetnoy Legends, Moscow
  • Olympics springboard, Nizhny Tagil
  • RTTV channel, Moscow
  • Bolshoi Drama Theater, St. Petersburg
  • Football Stadium Neftyanik, Ufa
  • Gazprom Export, St. Petersburg
  • VGTRK Camera HDTV infrastructure, Moscow region